Kawasaki UTV Parts: Engine

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  • Kawasaki Generator Case Gasket

    Kawasaki Generator Case Gasket

    Pavel in NM

    Don't get stranded mid job without it

    Great product. It is about 50/50 on breaking an OEM gasket while doing the doo or opening the case for any other reason. This gasket can save you from a week long wait for parts. If not used you can always return it instead of kicking youtrself for not getting it from the beginning.

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  • Kawasaki Generator Gasket

    Kawasaki Generator Gasket

    Pavel in NM

    Don't get haulted during your repair

    Good product. Fits well and is a must if you are opening up the case. Very good chance of destroyong the OEM gasket and having leaky bike. Definately needed for the job.

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  • Kawasaki OEM Oil Filter

    Kawasaki OEM Oil Filter

    kyle in OH

    Oem is the best

    Oem the way to go won't void your warrant and is set to manufacture specs

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