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  • KTM Mechanic Zip-Up Hooded Sweatshirt

    KTM Mechanic Zip-Up Hooded Sweatshirt

    Sean in MT

    Pretty upsetting KTM

    So i read the only other review for this product, i instantly dismissed what the guy said about sizing (claiming it was too small, etc etc) I thought huh, maybe he's just a "big guy" man i was so wrong. This thing is honestly sized for women. Its horrible. The sleeves feel like your putting on a wetsuit, the cuffs are so tight you almost feel like they could rip, the thing is just too tight. And i'm only 5'10 and 165lbs. And honestly KTM, a $68 sweatshirt that has a huge label saying made in China! Give me india, bangladesh, anything but china. This sweathsirt is also extremely thin. Its more of a summertime at night on the beach So cal kinda sweater, definitely not a Winter cold weather sweater. I'll never buy a KTM sweatshirt again unless i see it and try it on first.

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  • KTM Red Bull Dynamic T-Shirt

    KTM Red Bull Dynamic T-Shirt

    Brian in AL

    Order up a size

    Shirt fits much smaller than size states

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  • KTM Lifestyle Sandals

    KTM Lifestyle Sandals

    Thomas in PA

    Made well!

    Look cool and fit good. perfect for sittin by the pool. :)

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  • KTM Racing T-Shirt

    KTM Racing T-Shirt

    joe in New York

    KTM QUALITY!!!!!

    ...have purchased both the black and orange ...no shrinkage,no color fade or decals falling off after many washings,durable and great looking still !!!!

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  • KTM Engine Keychain

    KTM Engine Keychain

    lynn in UT

    Decent product

    Serves it's purpose

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  • KTM Classic Beanie

    KTM Classic Beanie

    Phillip in AL

    Nice and warm

    I wear this everywhere when its cold. Keeps my head nice and warm, and looks really good too. Seems to be holding up very well.

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