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  • KTM Flag

    KTM Flag

    josh in IN


    Huge. Durable. Looks Awesome. If youre a ktm fan you must have this.

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  • KTM Factory Fuel Tank Cap Vent

    KTM Factory Fuel Tank Cap Vent

    Chris in NM


    Looks good but too much blowby.

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  • KTM Case Guard

    KTM Case Guard

    Benjamin in CO

    Must have!

    This is a must have piece for any KTM, Husky or Berg owner. Protect the case and clutch slave cylinder in the event of a chain break or rock lodging. Will save you $$ in the long run!

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  • KTM Factory Fuel Tank Cap

    KTM Factory Fuel Tank Cap

    Ronald in CA

    KTM Gas cap

    It fits very well. Although it was not the one that is pictured in the product line which I was told that the pictures are generic from KTM. As they do not have that one that fit my bike. The pictured showed that it was in stock and fit my bike. So ask before you buy. Are you getting the one that is pictured or something else?

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  • KTM Chain Guide

    KTM Chain Guide

    dustin in MO


    Just as heavy as OE, but cheaper to buy.

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  • KTM Fuel Tank

    KTM Fuel Tank

    TROY in UT

    this should come stock on the KTM

    I like the extra gas to be on the bike not in my backpack! I think all KTM's should come stock with a 3 gallon tank... Now we can ride all day and not stress over running out of gas. It looks very stock and would not know that it bigger than the stock tank On long Moab rides I may still carry a small bottle of gas in the Backpack? There seams to be no issues...I have only rode 3 days with it on Looks Good!

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