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  • Maxima Chain Guard

    Maxima Chain Guard

    Wyatt in CA

    works great

    works great and does exactly what it says it does

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  • Maxima Chain Wax

    Maxima Chain Wax

    Stephen in CA

    Chain wax from now on. Only.

    I have been using this product for years now. I clean my chain and sprockets after every freeride weekend or moto. I use a conventional chain lube after cleaning and wipe as much off as possible. Once that is done it is best to apply the chain wax when it is warm and the chain is warm, it adheres better. This stuff works, it lasts and it is NOT messy. It works great and is easy to clean off too.

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  • Maxima Chain Wax Care Kit

    Maxima Chain Wax Care Kit

    Gregory in CA

    Good stuff

    I've used this on the two bikes I have. Works well with the wash-penetrating lube and the wax all together.

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  • Maxima Chain Guard Care Kit

    Maxima Chain Guard Care Kit

    Shawn in MT


    The cleaner does a great job and so does the lube, but have to be very careful as a tiny bit of extra lube and it will be all over the tire, hub and you even if you let it sit overnight. Once I figured out how much to use it has worked good.

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