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Mothers Oil and Chemicals: Cleaners

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  • Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish

    Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish


    Bling Bling!!

    This polish really brings out the shine! Takes a little elbow grease to get it to a mirror finish, but what polish doesn't? This cleans up really nice, and gives the aftermarket look I was looking for.

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  • Mothers Mini Powerball

    Mothers Mini Powerball

    WAYLON in TX

    this thing really works

    i purchased the powerball not knowing if it was going to be a deal or a dud. but once i started using it with the mothers mag polish, this thing is awesome!!! no real effort to get a great shine. i polished a mag on my harley. it looked so good that i decided to try my honda 450 frame. polished that also with no effort.

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