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  • Acerbis Profile Knee/Shin Guards

    Acerbis Profile Knee/Shin Guards

    Greg in KS

    Not bad for basic protection

    Good knee and shin coverage much better quality than other

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  • Acerbis Koerta 2.0 Body Armor

    Acerbis Koerta 2.0 Body Armor

    J.D. in CO

    Good coverage

    Runs a little small so go a size bigger. Easy off and on appears well made. I like the integrated kidney belt.

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  • Acerbis Cosmo Body Armor

    Acerbis Cosmo Body Armor

    J.D. in CO

    Nice components

    The system is basically modular so you can wear just the shoulder and elbow pads. The chest projector is integrated with the kidney belt and goes on separate from the shoulder/elbow pads. I had a six six one type before and the Acerbis unit has much better protection. The back brace does not interfere with riding pants.

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  • Acerbis Impact Evo Knee/Shin Guards

    Acerbis Impact Evo Knee/Shin Guards

    brendan in CA

    Good protection for the $$

    Going back and forth on purchasing a set of knee braces or knee guards, I decided to give these a try since they seemed to be a mix of the two. The first pair I received had a manufacturing defect which RMATV took care of right away for me. Thanks! The second pair received with fine and I have been using them for a few months now. For the price they are a decent product. They do require a little fiddling around with to get a fitment on the straps to your liking with out having the straps dig into the back of your leg or having the brace slide down. I have also tried using these with knee socks and feel that the knee socks make the fitting worse causing them to slide down a little easier. It seems to me that these braces want to contact your skin and the sweat you create when wearing these does help with keeping the brace in place better. A wider strap above and below the knee joint I feel would make this product more amazing but I can live with its current design. As for crash protection, I have zero complaints. I use these for trail riding and spend 3-6 hours at a time in them. I've found the best way to keep the braces from sliding down is to cross the upper and mid straps. Doing this has kept the brace in place while riding and it also keeps the straps from feeling like they are cutting into the back of your leg.

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  • Acerbis X-Moto Gear Bag

    Acerbis X-Moto Gear Bag

    Timothy in MO

    Seams not sewn well.

    This is a very large bag, holds all that you could possibly need in riding gear. I love the design my only complaint is some of the seams are coming apart. I have had to re sew some of them in the first couple of months use.

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  • Acerbis Soft Knee 2.0 Knee Guards

    Acerbis Soft Knee 2.0 Knee Guards

    Dave in Utah

    Am I wearing knee guards?

    I could not be happier with these knee guards. Just bought them this morning at the warehouse and rode 38 miles of single track, hill climbs, and it included several miles of trail whoops which usually result in my old knee guards rubbing my knees raw. After 4 hours of riding I really couldn't even feel them on. They are almost too comfortable. Only took one digger and went down on my right knee hard. The knee guard sucked up the impact so well, it led me here to write my first review of a product ever. Well worth the money! The only other soft guard I tried on was the Acerbis, and it was so thin I felt like it would only protect me from mosquitos.

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