PC Racing ATV Accessories: Filters

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  • PC Racing Pro-Seal

    PC Racing Pro-Seal

    Thomas in PA

    No more grease!

    Fit well and stuck to airbox very well. Like everyone says just clean it good before you stick it. one less mess!

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  • PC Racing Quick Release Filter Skins

    PC Racing Quick Release Filter Skins

    Sean in WI

    Helpful in Keeping Clean Air in Your Bike

    If you don't know that clean air is essential in keeping your engine running at peak performance over its lifetime, now you do;) It is easy to ignore your air filter and even though these things are kind of a struggle to get on securely (at least on my KDX) it is totally worth being able to just pull off the skin in the middle of a long day and instantly have a fresh filter waiting. Dealing with oil filters is a bummer no matter which way you cut it, but being able to provide clean air to your engine is worth it and these help make that happen. 4 stars for the struggle to get these onto the filter securely.

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  • PC Racing Flo Air Filter

    PC Racing Flo Air Filter

    Jacob in VA


    Very good quality!

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  • PC Racing Filter Skins

    PC Racing Filter Skins

    Jody in MO

    Perfect skins

    These skins are a nice way to keep your aftermarket or OEM air filter clean from all the small dust particles.. Remember to oil the filter skin as well as your air filter

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