Pro Honda ATV Parts: Handlebar-Control

Pro Honda ATV Parts: Handlebar-Control

Pro Honda ATV Parts: Grip Accessories

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  • Pro Honda Handgrip Cement

    Pro Honda Handgrip Cement

    DANIEL in OR

    added insurance at a good price point

    I used to just put my grips on with a little brake cleaner and some safety wire. I still use the brake cleaner to clean the inside of the grip and handle bar then air dry, but now at a thin coat of this grip cement as added insurance. seems to be working and is an added seal to keep water out and prevent slippage issues. my grips still get the safety wire treatment but they would probably be fine without it. for the price, it is a worth having in you tool box and I used it to glue the sole on my running shoe tonight. bonus! Be sure to have good ventilation and try to avoid getting it on your hands/fingers. wear nitrile gloves if you can, it is very hard to get off and smells god awful.. (I think that is a good sign) =)

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