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  • Tourmaster Flex WP Dual Zip Boot

    Tourmaster Flex WP Dual Zip Boot

    DAVID in CA

    Loose in the ankle

    There are no adjustments in the ankle . They are too loose in the ankle for me.

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  • Tourmaster Silk Motorcycle Glove Liners

    Tourmaster Silk Motorcycle Glove Liners

    Jonpaul in NM

    Tight fit. But good.

    Unless you have big gloves they get tight. Gloves can get tight.

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  • Tourmaster Overpant Textile Pants

    Tourmaster Overpant Textile Pants

    Patrick in OH

    Low Quality

    Have owned several different brands of pants over several years and these are cheaply made. Material is not very heavy, zippers are not heavy duty, vents are worthless because they open into a sealed inner liner, only one weak snap holds the waist band which actually pops open if you take a deep breath. Overall poorly designed and cheaply made.

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  • Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Short Extension Cable

    Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Short Extension Cable

    joseph in TN

    Right part. Right price. Light speed shipping.

    These were exactly what I needed. I needed them to extend the leads on my heated jacket to work with my new areostich and ordered two. I was blown away by how fast they were shipped and arrived at my door.

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  • Tourmaster Venture Air 2.0 Mesh Pants

    Tourmaster Venture Air 2.0 Mesh Pants

    Mark in CA

    Nice comfortable pants.

    I was surprised at how warm they are even in 55° weather, I was roasting! Being an “air” pant I figured I’d need the liners (waterproof and quilted). Boy was I wrong! I will probably be able to wear these in temps down into the high 20’s before I’d need more warmth, and a set of thermals would fix that. Once I took both liners out I was plenty comfortable riding in the 55-70° range. It gets into the 100’s around here so we’ll see in a couple months how they are. Fit is true to size. If I lose any weight at all these are going to be too small for me, but they’re just right on my chubby butt right now LOL. Very comfortable on the skin with the mesh fabric inside. I wore a pair of thin running shorts under them and they don’t chaff at all on bare legs. I have the included knee pads in the highest setting (3 levels) and they’re still just a bit low. Once I start riding I have to kind of lift the knee area up about an inch to get them just right. Very happy with these pants, every indication so far is that they’ll be every bit as long-wearing as my Tourmaster Transition 3 jacket that’s now 9 years old and still flawless.

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  • Tourmaster Caliber 2.0 Pants

    Tourmaster Caliber 2.0 Pants

    Michael in CA

    Nice Pants, Good Fit

    I was pleased at the fit of these pants. However, because I have short legs, it was necessary to move the knee armor which comes in the lowest of 3 positions to the highest to get it to fit my knee. I spent two hours with the liner out and the legs turned inside out fighting with the velcro strips. The opening at the bottom is too small to get my hand in there, so I had to just put fingers up there and try to work with it. EXTREMELY poor design on that feature.

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