Eagle Mfg. Dirt Bike Parts: Suspension

Eagle Mfg. Dirt Bike Parts: Suspension

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  • Eagle Mfg. Fork Brace

    Eagle Mfg. Fork Brace

    MATT in UT

    Great upgrade to the Gen 1 KLR650

    I had a 300 mile trip on mostly slab and with a heavy load, I'd heard the fork brace helped the front fender wobble and sail planing that happens when big trucks go by and also the habit the KLR has of following grooves in the road. the Eagle Mike Fork brace made a very noticeable difference in how my bike handled on a very long windy trip on slab. The bike no longer follows ever groove in the road and the porpoising it did when a semi would pass is gone. The bike overall feels much more stable and confident and the front feels planted and sure. It was also VERY noticeable off road in ruts and with rocks and holes and ruts. I'd recommend one without question. Installation was cake, taking me about twenty minutes. I installed it as per directions and lock tite'd all the bolts. It looks very good and I love the black matte color and look. Great accessory and has changed the way this bike feels.

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  • Eagle Mfg. KLR650 Rear Shock Lowering Links

    Eagle Mfg. KLR650 Rear Shock Lowering Links

    angelo in CA

    Lower, safer, easy install

    I am 5-7 and lowering the KLR 650 a little over an inch made so much difference. Puts me just short of flat footed sitting on the bike.... much safer and comfortable while stopped and getting on the bike. VERY IMPORTANT - when you follow the instructions and jack the bike up, push those sleeves/bushings out and grease the bearings - will probably be dry as mentioned in the instructions. Was worried about it throwing the camber off on the bike, but handles just fine. Makes the kickstand stand the bike more upright, but no real problems as Yet

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