Wolfman Dual Sport Parts: Body

Wolfman Dual Sport Parts: Body

Wolfman Dual Sport Parts: Luggage

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  • Wolfman Wolf Tail Bag

    Wolfman Wolf Tail Bag

    Robert in ID

    Good size and well built

    Purchased this item to use on my WR250R. It fits my Scaggs rack well. Item appears to be well built, and came recommended by other local riders. Only used it on pavement so far since we just got it, but it looks like it will last well. The bungee fastening system seems to work well and allows for more than one way to mount the bag. The only complaints I've heard from local guys, is that the material holds dust well after a ride. Haven't heard from anyone with a durability complaint. Time will tell.

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  • Wolfman Peak Tail Bag

    Wolfman Peak Tail Bag

    Robert in ID

    Nicely built gear

    Purchased this bag to put on the tail rack of my WR250R. The main reason for purchasing this bag was due to the fact that so many WR riders recommend and use it. I found it to be well built, but not large enough for the intended use. Turns out it's the perfect size to fasten directly to the seat of my wife's TTR125 so it solved the problem we had looking for luggage for her bike. The Wolfman products are well built, made in the USA gear. Ended up buying a Wolf Tail bag for the WR, and it's the perfect size. Now we have gear for both bikes.

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  • Wolfman Expedition Dry Duffel Bag

    Wolfman Expedition Dry Duffel Bag

    KEVIN in AR

    The best bag ever, You need at least one.

    I have two of these bags that have now been used for 4 years for all types of things. My wife and I use these bags for dual sport motorcycling, street motorcycling, camping, canoeing, ATV riding, weekend get away trips, car trips..... If we need a duffel bags these are the bags that go. They are made of thick material and hold up well to abuse. Our bags have been down in motorcycle accidents (both on and off road), sunk in creeks, been through thunder and hail storms, and much more. We still use them and have yet to have wet clothing or camping gear. In fact some of our friends and family have borrowed them and have or have plans to get there own. The D- rings on the bag are also an excellent feature, not only are they great for strapping the bag down but we strap smaller bags directly to the top. The wolfman enduro duffel works the best for this due to the straps that come with it. If you are in the market for a dry bag or duffel bag for any reason this is the bag to have. I recommend the medium size for all around use.

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  • Wolfman Enduro Tool Bag

    Wolfman Enduro Tool Bag

    Christopher in CT

    I like it

    It is what it is.......not waterproof, but I guess its water resistant? I am happy with it so far.it fits everything I've needed to put in there except a 40oz of coolness.

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  • Wolfman Optimus Aluminum Bottle

    Wolfman Optimus Aluminum Bottle

    Adam in ON

    lost it on first ride

    It was good for a day

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  • Wolfman Large Rolie Bag Tank Pannier Kit

    Wolfman Large Rolie Bag Tank Pannier Kit

    MATT in UT

    Good quality bag, no directions. Still not mounted

    I bought this tank pannier kit for a 300 mile day trip I needed to take, the bags are a very good quality build, and seem very solid. the mounting system however, is inexplicable. It comes with this weird H strap system, and a bunch of straps. I spend twenty minutes trying to figure out how to get it attached. There were no instructions, and it's not obvious. I finally attached the H strap over the tank and just hung them there. In travel, the bags flapped all over the place and hit me in the knees. The additional straps are supposed to be used to tied it down to the bike, but I just can't figure out how to get it all strapped down. I looked on youtube but the only video was using their top mount tank backing plate, not the over the tank pannier kit. So I emptied the bags and just stowed them for the return trip. I'll return them unless I can figure out how to get them attached. i'd give the build quality a 5, but lack of useable instructions on how to mount them really made this unusable for this reviewer.

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