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  • Factory Effex Yamaha Backpack

    Factory Effex Yamaha Backpack

    will in PA

    Great but

    Great use very water proof

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  • Factory Effex Honda Backpack

    Factory Effex Honda Backpack

    Eric in TX


    I didn't get a chance to use the backpack, since it came with a kinked and broken zipper. my first impressions was that the overall quality of the backpack isn't heavy duty. It's a very light duty pack with light duty zippers. I have no complaints, because I was able to return it once I documented the defect to customer service. I ended up ordering a slightly more expensive, Alpinestars city pack, which I was very happy with.

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  • Factory Effex Street Micro Sponsor Kit

    Factory Effex Street Micro Sponsor Kit

    David in TX

    bold colors

    nice decals,,adds a factory sponsored feel to your bike ,,

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