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  • Sena SMH10 Helmet Clamp Kit - For Speakers and Earbuds

    Sena SMH10 Helmet Clamp Kit - For Speakers and Earbuds

    RICK in OR

    Great sound

    This is a must when you ride in a group. With just a push of a button you can go from talking with the group of riders or listening to music or if need be making a call. A must have for any rider in my opinion

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  • Sena SMH5 Bluetooth Headset and Intercom

    Sena SMH5 Bluetooth Headset and Intercom

    Brian in FL

    Must Have!!

    Ok.. if you have ridden without these, you are missing out. My son and I ride trails and we could not believe the difference this product makes. Awesome to be able to communicate/talk while riding. I ride YZ250 and he rides KTM 200 - you can TALK - not yell - and the other person can hear you perfectly. I don't know how or why people ride without this product. Makes riding safer and more enjoyable. Hey.. watch out for this hole... look out for these braches up here.... another rider ahead... did you see that? I could go on and on. When riding in thick trails it only goes about 50 yards, but totally worth it. Open areas - about 150 yards without static. Hint - don't use spacers for ear speakers - they will hit your ears and speakers do not need to be as close as you think to hear crystal clear. Fit fine in Troy Lee helmet and Oneal helmet. You have to try it.

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  • Sena 30K Bluetooth Communication System

    Sena 30K Bluetooth Communication System

    Charles in CA


    Our family of four have all use the Sena 10k for years for our in helmet communications and we've dealt with the constant cutting in and out, dropping the chain due to terrain, long charge times, and the challenge of remeshing on the trail when someone got dropped. We all received the new 30k for Christmas with blue tooth and mesh network. Desert riding with coms will never be the same. Thanks Sena, one happy Dad.

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  • Sena 20S Bluetooth Communication Mount Kit

    Sena 20S Bluetooth Communication Mount Kit

    Jon in AZ

    Everything but...

    Great kit to move your com to a new lid. Well almost....if you have the button mike rather than the boom you don't get a new foam cover....Also makes a great kit to freshen up your lid....if you sweat like a pig in your lid and wash the foam from time to time sooner or later you you mess up a foam cover or lose it when washing... this kit will get you covered. If it just had the button foam it would be a 5 all the way around

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  • Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communication System with Universal Microphone Kit

    Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communication System with Universal Microphone Kit

    Michael in CO

    Game changer

    The sena communication devices are absolute game changers. From music, to telephone calls, to multiple rider communication. These bad boys are 110% worth the price. I have not ridden for very long but got the dual pack. I gave one to my neighbor who i ride with all the time and has been riding since he was a little kid. Between commuting to and from work and riding trails these things are almost a necessity now. Being able to tell someone "Hey, I'm down." before they get too far is HUGE being a new rider. Or my buddy being able to say "Big whoop coming up" or "Left up here". The biggest is being able to take phone calls. Everyone on the other end has no idea I'm on my bike. After using the headsets for a couple of weeks my neighbor took a bad spill and the Sena took some good hits. The thing stayed on, and is of course scratched up but you'd be amazed at how well it withstood the crash! The durability is astounding. Well done Sena, the SMH10 is perfect for its price. The functionality more than pays for itself. Now I'm curious if the more expensive models are even better, it'd be hard to beat this! (P.s. after about a month of using the Sena i let someone borrow it and as I was taking it out of my helmet one of the speakers ripped out of the cords. After contacting Sena and the site i purchased them from Sena is sending me a brand new unit. If any are curious on customer service)

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  • Sena Universal 20S Helmet Clamp Kit with Microphone

    Sena Universal 20S Helmet Clamp Kit with Microphone

    William in WA

    Helmet. Clamp

    Easy to install, included every thing you need

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