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  • Kawasaki Logo Snapback Hat

    Kawasaki Logo Snapback Hat

    jeffrey in MD

    Got the green one for a friend

    I'm a Yamaha guy but my riding buddy of over 35 years is a Kawasaki guy, he's at the Nation Guard's for 2 weeks(he's a Warrant Officer) & I'm going to give this to Him as a Gift for serving & keeping the Rest of us safe, he luvs caps & I'm sure he's going to Luv this one! ..update: my Buddy Loved The Hat.

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  • Kawasaki Cluster T-Shirt

    Kawasaki Cluster T-Shirt

    Jordan in NC

    Awesome looking shirt

    This shirt looks great. Fit true to size. Absolutely a must have if you are a kawi fan.

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  • Kawasaki Collapsible Can Koozie

    Kawasaki Collapsible Can Koozie

    Andy in WI

    Can koozie to show your brand love

    Pretty much the same as any other can koozie except now show you're love for the green machines! Perfect small item to bump you purchase a litte to qualify for free shipping.

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  • Kawasaki Stacked Logo T-Shirt

    Kawasaki Stacked Logo T-Shirt

    JASON in AL

    Thick print on back

    Cool shirt, but with the thick lettering on the back, it will get hot easily. It is not exactly a summer shirt.

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  • Kawasaki Rubber Logo Keychain

    Kawasaki Rubber Logo Keychain

    Kielee in AZ

    Not as big as it looks

    I got this thinking it would be a little bit bigger and it's pretty tiny. Still cute though. But maybe a little pricy for the size...

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  • Kawasaki Badge Keychain

    Kawasaki Badge Keychain

    ROBERT in NM

    Kawasaki Badge Keychain


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