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  • Thor Deflector Gloves 2015

    Thor Deflector Gloves 2015

    DANIEL in OR

    built well.. not crazy about the palm stitching

    these are build well enough.. I am have some miles on them and they are holding up great.. protection is ample. fit is good. true to size and comfortable with one exception. the additional material sewn into the glove in the palm falls right into the webbing between your thumb and forefinger. right where your grip rides. towards the end of the day it gets pretty tender right there. So much that I have gone back to my old thor gloves that have a smooth palm design. Bums me out cause these are really nice.. but I I can't stand the tender spot. annoying

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  • Thor Enemy Goggle

    Thor Enemy Goggle

    Ty in CO

    thor goggle

    good, low price goggle.

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  • Thor Insulator Gloves 2015

    Thor Insulator Gloves 2015

    William in VA

    thor insulator gloves

    Excellent protection and flexibility along with a little extra warmth make these an excellent choice...

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  • Thor Core Fragment Jersey 2014

    Thor Core Fragment Jersey 2014

    Shari in NJ

    Nice jersey

    Great customer service quick shipping. Excellent product

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  • Thor Track Canopy

    Thor Track Canopy

    Gerardo in CA

    Shade in the desert

    Best shade money can buy, looks great and easy to identify canopy in camp area. Easy storage and cleans easy too.

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  • Thor Void Plus Gloves 2013

    Thor Void Plus Gloves 2013

    Wally in OH

    Thor Void Plus Gloves

    Great gloves. Always have been all about thor gear. Great quality gear, & you get what you pay for.

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