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  • Thor Women's Blitz Boots

    Thor Women's Blitz Boots

    Kristy in IN

    Nice boots!

    These are really well made boots. They are very stiff so be sure you get them in enough time to break them in. I would recommend them to others.

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  • Thor Sector Ricochet Helmet

    Thor Sector Ricochet Helmet

    eric in MO

    Thor helmet

    Good budget helmet. It rides lightweight and you can wear all day without problems.

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  • Thor Women's Pulse Dashe Jersey

    Thor Women's Pulse Dashe Jersey

    chuck in CO

    Nice Jersey

    My wife really likes this Jersey. Loose fitting and comfortable. Nice ventilation and looks great.

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  • Thor Sector Helmet

    Thor Sector Helmet

    Gustavo in CA

    Good product

    I'm happy i bought this helmet. I feel it runs a little smaller but over all it feels good.

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  • Thor Sector Knee Guards

    Thor Sector Knee Guards

    Mackenzie in OH

    Comfortable and Affordable

    I love these! I didn't expect much with the low price, but they are very good knee guards. They are comfortable and fit inside my boots and pants just fine. During one of my falls, my bike landed on my lower leg with these on - I didn't even have a bruise! If I wasn't wearing them, I would have had one hell of a bruise, if not worse! Sometimes I need to re-adjust the strap due to where the top of my boots meet with the velcro strap, pinching the back of my calf a bit when flexing.

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  • Thor Combat Sand Goggle

    Thor Combat Sand Goggle

    Mackenzie in OH

    Great goggles for a great price

    These are very nice and comfortable goggles. The soft, padded liner that touches your face isn't itchy at all for me, and it dries quickly if I'm getting too sweaty and need to take them off. Every once in a while on a hot day during a hard ride, the sweat will still run down into my eyes, but like I said, the lining will dry out pretty quickly during a break. They offer excellent protection against dirt and sand, I haven't had any issues with anything getting through. The lens smoke lens is just fine for blocking out some sun while still allowing a clear field of view. I haven't seen any scratching yet!

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