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  • Global Vision Rip Tide Sunglasses

    Global Vision Rip Tide Sunglasses

    Jeff in NC

    Not a bad set of sunglasses

    There's a reason why I don't typically buy something like sunglasses online. You just can't guarantee fit without trying them on first. They fit a little too tightly against the sides of my head (maybe my wife was right about having a big head) and the nosepiece doesn't allow me to move them close enough to my face naturally. The lenses are nicely polarized however and they look pretty cool for a cheaper pair of glasses. Overall, a good pair of sunglasses for the money, but one size does not fit all.

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  • Global Vision Islanders-3 Sunglasses

    Global Vision Islanders-3 Sunglasses

    Byron in GA

    good for the price

    look good, well priced

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  • Global Vision Italiano Plus 24 Sunglasses

    Global Vision Italiano Plus 24 Sunglasses

    ROBERT in TX

    OK glasses

    The looks and fit are great, plus they keep the wind out of your eyes perfectly. The only problem is that they are supposed to be transitional.......they don't transition AT ALL. I even tried the "freezer" method, didn't work.

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  • Global Vision C-2000 Sunglasses Kit

    Global Vision C-2000 Sunglasses Kit

    MATT in UT

    Great Glasses for Price

    I have these glasses and love them. They come with five (5) different lense sets. They have yellow, clear, light smoke, amber and dark tint. They feel good and fit well. They also have a nice case for everything to fit in along with a head band to keep then on when riding. I like using them for riding because of all the different lenses. I can use for them for day and night glasses. The lenses change in a matter of seconds also. Great glasses for the price.

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