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  • PC Racing Filter Skins

    PC Racing Filter Skins

    dustin in MO

    work good

    They work good

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  • PC Racing Pro-Seal

    PC Racing Pro-Seal

    Todd in CA

    Dirt passed by this product and entered my engine!

    I installed this on my bike because I was tired of greasing the rim of my air filter, and the mess and cleaning that came with that. This product sounded great. No more grease. One day I went to change my air filter, and found that the filter had gotten pinched on the rim during installation. You could see a trail of dirt entering the airbox past the filter. Ouch! I'm not sure what/if there was any engine damage, but it doesn't bode well. To be fair, I still use it, and haven't had this problem repeat. I'm not sure if the pinch was my fault (poor filter installation?) or the result of using this product? You will have to decide for yourself if it is worth the risk.

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  • PC Racing Fork Support

    PC Racing Fork Support

    Ryan in NM

    Does the job

    Does what it's supossed to do! It is plastic, but very tough plastic, I have ran over this thing a few times and it's fine. Good size too, fits variety of bikes.

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  • PC Racing Quick Release Filter Skins

    PC Racing Quick Release Filter Skins

    Steve in NC

    Clean filter

    This product works great as it says. Used these pre filter on my sons bikes at a LQ last in NC. The track was a mess due to rain and the track was sand and clay mix. I cleaned the bikes to get ready for the next weekend for the pro shoot out in VA. Took the seat off and with a little tug on the string pre filter came right off and the filter was clean I was shocked. They are a pain to on but great product.

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  • PC Racing Underware Original Glove Liners

    PC Racing Underware Original Glove Liners

    JOEY in NC

    Gloves that protect your hands

    I have used the underware gloves for about 10 years and they do help prevent blisters on your hands. During a 2 hour harescramble it is difficult not to get some hand pain but this does help relieve some of the pain. You may prefer a size larger riding glove.

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  • PC Racing Flo Air Filter

    PC Racing Flo Air Filter

    Jacob in VA


    Very good quality!

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