Yamaha Motorcycle Filters

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  • Yamaha OEM Oil Filter

    Yamaha OEM Oil Filter

    Dan in WY

    What's recommended

    from the factory. Knowing it is the correct micron and dimensions over a cheaper filter is worth the extra money for a factory filter.

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  • Yamaha Grip Heaters

    Yamaha Grip Heaters

    COLIN in AL

    Nice but not appropriate for Gen II Super Tenere

    This heated grip kit is nice but is only appropriate for the Gen I (- 2013) Super Tenere. Gen II bikes (2014 +) only need a few select parts out of the kit to have fully functional heated grips that 'plug & play' integrate with the bike's factory electronics. I believe the Gen II parts can be purchased directly from Yamaha dealers either as an updated kit or as individual parts, all for about 1/2 the cost of this kit. Don't make the mistake I did and purchase this kit for your Gen II Super Tenere, only to be able to use a few select parts. The kit really shouldn't be listed or sold as something that is appropriate for the Gen II bikes.

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  • Yamaha OE Clutch Kit

    Yamaha OE Clutch Kit

    AL in FL

    Factory fresh

    Chose this kit over more heavy duty since I don't race and wanted the feel of what it used to be (mostly for loading it in my truck!) with no surprises. Chose this kit because I don't race and didn't need a more heavy duty clutch. Wanted the feel of the original (partly to get it loaded into my truck!) with no surprises. Just needed the plates and springs, basket was good. Clutch was grabby as heck and had to basically dump the clutch to get it to roll in first.

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  • Yamaha Zippered Bottle Koozie

    Yamaha Zippered Bottle Koozie

    Byran in ND


    Why not keep your beer cold and look fantastic doing it?

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  • Yamaha GYTR Billet Aluminum Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

    Yamaha GYTR Billet Aluminum Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

    MAX in UT

    wouldn't buy again

    This product broke on the second oil change. The bolt is extremely thin walled to get the magnet inside and broke off inside the case. Got it out but would never buy again.

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  • Yamaha Red Logo T-Shirt

    Yamaha Red Logo T-Shirt

    Lukas in CA

    Goes to show I'm a yamaha bro

    Read my shirt, I ride a yamaha. I Love my bike that much!

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