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  • Braking Brake Pads - SM1 Compound

    Braking Brake Pads - SM1 Compound

    RANDY in KY

    Great service great price

    I received great customer service they were very professional and found a part I needed for my bike. They offered me several options and I decided on this one. The product came in a very timely manner and was the part that I ordered and it fit my bike perfect it works great stops the bike like it should

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  • Braking Race Sintered Compound CM46 Brake Pads

    Braking Race Sintered Compound CM46 Brake Pads

    Nicholas in CA

    Best pad I've ever used with shortest life span

    I track my DRZ400SM and wanted something better than the EBC sintered I've always run for an upcoming race at the time. Racing a DRZ, I needed all the edge I could get. The pads have great initial bite, and offer great feel and modulation, even on a stock DRZ caliper. I was absolutely in love with how quick these things stopped the bike. Just yesterday I was at the track and had catastrophic brake fade into the first corner after a straight. I lowsided because I had to lock up the rear since the fronts just weren't there. Took the bike off the track to inspect brakes and I was metal on metal! These pads were probably used for about 4-5 track days and maybe 100 miles of city riding. Amazing pad, but Braking is serious when they say it's race only. So if you do by these, check them often. Mine lasted about a month.

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  • Braking Brake Pads - Sintered Metal

    Braking Brake Pads - Sintered Metal

    Brandon in CA

    Phenomenal braking power

    Tired of my terrible kxf brakes, I purchased these pads to replace the galfer ones that came with my oversized rotors for my 11 kx450f. The stopping power is amazing, like one finger, even late in the race. I have encountered little to no fade and i race year around in intermediate. After about 30 hrs I replaced them with another brands pads. Those didn't last past the rest ride, i put these back on and ordered a new set. The pads still have life in them, I'd estimate about 1/3 life left.

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  • Braking Oversize Rear Brake Rotor Kit

    Braking Oversize Rear Brake Rotor Kit

    thomas in CA

    Big improvement for LHRB

    I run Rekluse clutches and left hand rear brakes on all my bergs. i have always struggled with the confidence in the durabilty of the brake situation as i wind up using the rear brake a LOT and generating a lot of heat. the master is an adopted MTB master and the lines from the master arent the same as the ones from the foot master. thus, anything to increase the efficiency of the rear brake is welcome. I do not have extensive experience with the product yet, but the build quality is top notch and the improvement in bite is immediate. I also adapted the shark fin or tusk disc guard by adding 3 layers of duct tape under the guard to fill in the space that results from the carrier being thinner at the mounting point than the stock one. if it loosens up, i'll redo it or find a more durable stackable material to accomplish the same thing. the duct tape was convenient.

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  • Braking Rear Brake Rotor

    Braking Rear Brake Rotor

    Justin in CA


    Bolted up perfect. Not bent or warped when I got it. Looks great.

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  • Braking Race Front Brake Rotor

    Braking Race Front Brake Rotor

    Sean in DE

    Very strong and durable rotors!

    Overall very pleased with this rotor, my stock one got bent somehow but this Braking rotor has not bent since I put it on my bike a little over a year ago. Will definitely buy another one of these rotors when the time comes!

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