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  • KTM Air Freshener

    KTM Air Freshener

    Frank in CA

    Needs way more smell!

    This thing is cool looking (for all us KTM coo-laid drinkers) as far as air fresheners go but it just doesn't smell enough. It smells like oranges which smells really good compared to the pine tree deal...just needs more of it

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  • KTM Rally Pant

    KTM Rally Pant

    Lee in OR


    I bought these to hold me over until I could get a pair of Klim Badlands but I'm not sure they are going to last that long. I use these for riding my 950 SE and in the last month I have about 3k miles in them. When the zippers get dirty they tend to stick. I think being bigger would help. I have two tears from general use in the left leg. The boot cuff material needs to be tougher. The fit was pretty good. I wear 32x34 jeans so I got the 34 waist size to wear over other pants and the fit is very good. They fit over my Leatt three piece knee pads and Alpinestar tech 7s fine. The two hip pockets are good sized and in a good position. The other two pockets are pretty worthless. I haven't got to test the water proof claim but I think the water proof layer should be on the outside not the inner most layer. They only have one vent on each leg but since they are pretty thin they stay fairly cool, more vents would be nice though. Pro: Cheap They look good Fit is decent Con Zippers are small very little ventilation Belt Sucks Not very durable

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  • KTM Quadrant Roost Deflector

    KTM Quadrant Roost Deflector

    Jack in VA

    Looks and fits great.

    I got the large and was a little worried. I'm 6'2", with an athletic build at 220lbs. The size chart says it fits most riders 100-200lbs but when I got it, the fit was spot on. Quality and looks are top notch, very happy with the chest armor.

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  • KTM Coffee Mug

    KTM Coffee Mug

    Doug in WA

    It is cool, but a bit small

    Cool cup, there are lots of mugs that "look" like this style (of course they are not KTM mugs) but they are maybe 4-6 oz. larger. This is a small mug but still KTM cool. A bit larger I'd rate it higher. Cheers

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  • KTM Race Lite Pro Jacket

    KTM Race Lite Pro Jacket

    Matthew in CO

    Nice Jacket - Not Waterproof

    Overall a nice jacket but only (1) pocket appears to be water proof. The other 4 that seemed to be sealed pockets do let water in. Great jacket when it is dry out though. Few vents you can open and removable outer sleeve covers. I did have an issue with 1 zipper and the pull cords on the side of the jacket breaking.

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  • KTM Die-Cut Decal

    KTM Die-Cut Decal

    Wes in ID


    Good quality decal. It's still on my truck window after 6 months.

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