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  • Lexx 4-Stroke Silencer Packing

    Lexx 4-Stroke Silencer Packing

    CODY in MT

    Good packing

    This is the only packing I have ever bought, seemed to work and fit fine the the rocket exhaust I put it in.

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  • Lexx 2-Stroke Silencer Packing

    Lexx 2-Stroke Silencer Packing

    Ryan in OH

    Good stuff

    Repacked my OEM silencer with this. Went smoothly and is working as it should. Nice to know I can freshen it up later this easily.

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  • Lexx MXe Premium Silencer Packing

    Lexx MXe Premium Silencer Packing

    Jeff in CO

    Tried something new

    I've used the manufacturer's packing previously on my two stroke muffler/spark arrestor, but thought I'd try something different this time. First, there was enough packing to do my muffler twice, so I like the value. Second, it was a little quieter to my ear, and my old packing was not blown out. Third, the exhaust note is a bit lower, so it might be less offensive to non-motorized trail users. I think the yarn RM uses as opposed to the free strand fiberglass the muffler manufacturer employs is better at trapping sound.

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