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  • WPS 12" Filler Hose with Screw Cap

    WPS 12" Filler Hose with Screw Cap

    DANNY in UT

    Fuel hose

    Good fuel hose. Its a fuel hose. not much to say bout that..

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  • WPS Spare Drive Belt Clip

    WPS Spare Drive Belt Clip

    Steven in ID

    Simply gets the job done!

    I recently added the WPS Drive Belt Clip to my Razor, 'cause you don't want to be caught "out there" without a spare drive belt. I drilled a 9/16" hole in the center of the clip and used an existing cap screw for the" luggage rail" on our Ryfab storage box to mount the clip. This positions the clip (and spare drive belt) beneath the front edge of the lid in the box; dry, secure, dust-free. and out of the way. This is one of those accessories you buy with the sincere hope that you never need it.

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  • WPS Day Half Cover

    WPS Day Half Cover

    Richard in PA

    Good cover for the price!

    Good little cover for my bike. I work midnight shifts, so it's nice to have a small cover to catch all the dew (no wet butt!). It covers my saddlebags along with my fairing (I commute on a GSXR), and the cover packs down to about the size of a softball so it is stowed away easily. The elastic straps go around my shifter and brake pedal, and the cover is small enough that it won't really reach my exhaust.

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