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  • PSR Economy Fork Stand

    PSR Economy Fork Stand

    Patrick in OH

    Not perfect

    Good for raising front wheel, but the 2metal plates that stabilize the front forks partially block front axle removal.

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  • PSR Big Mike Head Lift

    PSR Big Mike Head Lift

    David in MI

    You can get better quailty

    Bought to fix my fork seals, need to lift by the steering stem. Item was a special order, waited for a short time to receive. Upon receiving the box was all beat up and the parts in the box were real dirty and had bolts free floating. Luckily nothing fell out. Instructions for installation are OK. Had also bought the head pin to go with my bike, found the metal PIN bar on the stand had a very poor build quality, so much that I could fit the pin into the bar more than an inch. Called RMATV and was directed to contact their warranty department. After sending an email to that department RMATV closed my case without speaking with me. Called them again to see the status and they told me they were sorry and that I had to call PSR to get it corrected. Called PSR, they had no record of the issue so had to start all over again with sending pictures, but they did quickly send a new metal bar containing the PIN hole. In all it took about a month to get the stand good enough to use. RM did realize the fault and gave me a $25 gift card. Either way if you spend this much money on a stand you expect high quality. I would have a tough time recommending if you are in any sort of rush. I have never had this sort of experience with RMATV since I've known them (10+ years), think I'll be staying away from parts that are special order, as they are just a man in the middle.

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  • PSR Economy Rear Stand

    PSR Economy Rear Stand

    Terrance in OH

    Great Value!

    Purchased the front and rear PSR Economy stands for general maintenance and tire replacement for my CBR1000RR. This is a very basic stand but well worth it's price.

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  • PSR GP Folding Adjustable Clutch Lever

    PSR GP Folding Adjustable Clutch Lever

    DAVID in GA

    Great handle

    A bit pricey but it fits and works great.

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  • PSR GP Folding Adjustable Brake Lever

    PSR GP Folding Adjustable Brake Lever

    DAVID in GA

    Great lever

    A bit pricely but it fits and wrks great.

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