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SKF Dual Sport Parts: Suspension

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  • SKF Fork and Dust Seal Kit

    SKF Fork and Dust Seal Kit

    Gunnar in NC

    The Ferrari of fork seals

    These are by far the best fork and dust seals on the market as of right now. No brand even compares, and you will see why the moment you install them prior to fitting your spring and fork chamber by feeling how free it moves up and down the stroke of the fork. If you don't want to spend a couple grand on kashima and dlc coatings, this is the next best step for friction reduction for $100 cheaper. Do your suspension right and don't go for the $20 fork seals. You will save money in the long run.

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  • SKF Fork Mud Scraper Kit

    SKF Fork Mud Scraper Kit

    Detlef in VA

    Too Soft

    Just put a set of those on my KTM together with new fork guards. After the first ride one side got completely knocked off hanging at the bottom of the fork. The other side had caught plenty mud underneath. So that mud that gets stuck underneath the mud scraper then gets constantly put in front of your original dust seal with each stroke of your shock. Besides I think those mud scrapers are a little soft in order to stay safely in the little groove on the forks. Also I am wondering why there is a hole at each of those pockets that go all the way around? A little less bulky, more beveled shape, and harder material on the top - maybe but in this version its I think its overpriced for what it does.

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