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  • Kaoko Cruise Control

    Kaoko Cruise Control

    Eric in MI

    Expensive but worth it. NOTHING else works as well.

    This product should be less expensive because there's not THAT much too it, but what I'm willing to pay for is the performance. No other throttle stop can be set to "drag" on the throttle tube like this one can to just help you resist that throttle spring pressure to reduce the fatigue. It is also very easily adjusted while riding to "full lock" so you can remove your hand from the bars to shake out the numbness, or roll it right off for NO friction. I'll never have a street bike without one again. I even use one on my KLR650. This is a must have accessory for me. I've tried the high end "clamp it on your grip" type throttle stops and they work pretty darn well and are cheaper, but the friction always seems to vary and they are frustrating to use in my opinion. This Kaoko eliminates all of that. It just works, every time.

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