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  • Bykas Bar Shocks Handlebar Clamp Kit

    Bykas Bar Shocks Handlebar Clamp Kit

    Matthew in PA

    returned these

    So i ordered these and wasn't sure if i was going to like them or not. when i received them and looked them over, i decided to return them. They add a lot of height and also are quite bulky.heavy. Depending on your application or preferences maybe not an issue, but for me i decided to not use them. Just wanted to let people know who maybe like me weren't sure what to expect. But for what its worth, maybe i made the wrong choice not trying them out. maybe they would have made a massive improvement but i just wasn't willing to bolt them up, being as bulky and heavy as they were.

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  • Bykas Adjustable Tuff Pegs

    Bykas Adjustable Tuff Pegs

    Tim in OR

    Needs a little tweak for the YZ250FX

    Very glad there are some extendable pegs on the market like these. With my arthritic knees (worn out, knock knee'd), Donjoy OA Defiance knee braces, and duck feet standing on the stock pegs kinda hurt when angling my legs in enough to have plenty of foot on the pegs. So awesome! Initial install was pretty easy. 'Problem was the left wouldn't fold up and would bind (maybe 1/4-1/3 of the range). Though the foot peg/kickstand bracket on the left "looks" the same, from a peg mount perspective, as the peg only mount on the right, there must be a little difference. It was an easy fix with the Dremel. Put it on, try to fold it, take it off see where the mark is, shave it a bit, rinse-lather-repeat until it folded back to the proper place.

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  • Bykas Dirt Bike Spoke Wraps

    Bykas Dirt Bike Spoke Wraps

    Gary in VA

    Add that awesome look to your wheeels.

    Adds great bling to your bike. Makes your bike look Awesome when the wheels are turning.

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