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ATV Front Storage Guide

Latest Trunks and Bags Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Polaris Lock & Ride Rear Cargo Box

    Polaris Lock & Ride Rear Cargo Box

    Terry in WI

    Not as big as I expected it to be.

    Length and width are ok but the depth is not enough. The only way to fit two helmets in it is to lay them down on their side. Then not much room for any thing else. I wanted to be able to carry a 2 gallon gas can secure and out of sight. The one I have will not let you close the lid. It also came loose the first day out. but put it back on and stayed on for the rest of the trip. It looks good on the machine and seems like it will last. Just disappointed in the depth is all.

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  • Quad Boss Rear Rack Bag

    Quad Boss Rear Rack Bag

    Jason in PA

    Nice pack

    Nice quality plenty storage great fit. Seat nice padding my raving crossbow r20 fits in the long back storage area.

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  • Polaris Lock & Ride Front Cargo Box

    Polaris Lock & Ride Front Cargo Box

    Brett in NY

    Perfect amount of storage

    Install is pretty simple, and looks great. My only issue was one of the Lock N Ride levers to lock it in place snapped the first time I was locking it in place. The good part is, they are the same as the original Lock N Ride Levers, so I just took one off the old setup, and it worked perfect.

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  • Kawasaki Rear Cargo Box

    Kawasaki Rear Cargo Box

    John in WY

    Great addition!

    You will need to drill holes regardless. It comes with U-bolts, which are fine, but I bought additional U-bolts as well. Rather than face the bolts down, I faced them up, put loctite on the bolts, and the wingnuts. I then hit the extra bolt area with a disc sander, so they only stick up 1/2” in the bottom of the box. When I loaded the box, I started with ax and e-tool, so nothing will be bothered by the bolts. Also, a couple of strips of rubber floor mat between the box and rack ensures no vibration. I love the box and will be buying another.

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  • ATV TEK Arch Series Expedition Rear Cargo Bag

    ATV TEK Arch Series Expedition Rear Cargo Bag

    Mike in MN

    Perfect size

    This bag is the perfect size for my Polaris Sportsman 1000. The metal frame is very sturdy. The day I installed it we received 6 inchs of rain and it remained dry. It holds my chain saw with a 16" blade.It attach's easily to my rear rack.

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  • Quad Boss Reflective Series Tank Bag

    Quad Boss Reflective Series Tank Bag

    Jessica in TX

    Nice Bag!

    I like the bag. The size, the quality, the room it has, and everything you really need right there fits good in it. I think it shoud have a different way of being held on to the four wheeler other than just hooks. Other than that, it's a great product.

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