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Latest Fuel and Air Intake Systems Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Uni Air Filter

    Uni Air Filter

    Marlon in CA

    Great filter and fit

    Works as they should and fit my WR250R perfect

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  • Mikuni VM28/486 Series Pilot Jet

    Mikuni VM28/486 Series Pilot Jet

    Kim in CO

    The right part

    They fit and work as they should

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  • JD Jetting Jet Kit (No CA)

    JD Jetting Jet Kit (No CA)

    Donnie in AR

    Suzuki DR 650 SE WOW! What a Difference!

    My DR 650 had the usual issues with carburation. It was running lean, surging when trying to maintain a steady speed and terrible throttle response. I spent the little bit extra and bought this kit. I live in Arkansas but I love to run out to the Rockies and hit the high passes, so I can use the additional needle and jets. This is only my second carburator job but the instructions were actually very good. I followed the instructions and set up the carb as recommended. It cranked right up and ran like a totally different machine. It's now a bit cold natured where it wasn't before. I start with the choke and open it up after 30 seconds now. The bike has much more power at low rpm. I can shift into 5th about 10 mph sooner now. I used to have to get over 50 before I could shift into high. I hit the interstate on-ramp and cranked it open. That's when I got this big grin on my face. WOW! What a difference! It felt like I just gained about 10 horsepower. The throttle response is immediate and strong all the way up the power band. On the way to work this morning I got it up to 95 in a short distance and I know she's got more. I just don't have a death wish with my 50/50 tires. I highly recommend this kit. The needles are the big difference maker. They are made to improve low end performance and they truly deliver. This kit is worth the extra bucks. It's not an easy job to do yourself, despite the good instructions. Removing the screws from my carb required grabbing them from the side with vice grips. You have to be extremely careful to keep track of all the small parts and know where they belong. I recommend you buy a gasket kit and replace the bowl gasket and o-rings. They live in ethanol and no material can hold up to that for a long time. They get flat and brittle. Drilling out the plug for the air/fuel screw is another opportunity to fail. Take your time and don't drill into the screw. There is a good thread on the ADVRIDERS forum for my carb that was very helpful. It had good photos and gave me more confidence. Get this kit and unleash the beast that is hiding behind those pitiful stock parts!

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  • Dynojet Jet Kit (No CA)

    Dynojet Jet Kit (No CA)

    Richard in ID

    Installed this kit and I was extremely disappointed. Installed everything according to the instructions and the bike ran extremely rich. Sputtered under load on anything above 1/4 throttle. Returned the main jet to stock, but kept the needle jet because it has more slots available for adjustment. For the XR650R it did not come with the D-shaped tool.

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  • Keihin 99101-116 Series Main Jet

    Keihin 99101-116 Series Main Jet

    Anthony in CA

    Main jet

    No complaints at all, thought it was delivered on time and in a timely manner. quality is excellent and I have no complaints. Rejet it or bike for high-altitude in the bike Road flawlessly even at 7400 ft.

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  • K & N Air Filter

    K & N Air Filter

    Christopher in AB

    Good quality

    Does what its supposed to do and quick shipping dont have an issue with it perfect fitment

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