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Electric Balance Bikes

STACYC Youth Electric Balance Bikes

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Electric Balance Bikes

If you’re a parent that rides or has a passion for the industry, it’s likely you have a goal of sharing that love of riding with your kids. But teaching your kids to ride is an endeavor that is equal parts exciting and terrifying – balance, motor control, strength, and throttle control are just a few of the simultaneous skills required to succeed on a dirt bike. It’s a lot of pressure for one little rider and can sometimes make their first time riding discouraging to downright unbearable. Luckily for your young rider, there are innovative and exciting products out there to revolutionize the way they learn how to ride. Enter the electric balance bike, the bridge between aspiring rippers and a typical “first bike” like the PW50. Get your kids riding sooner and help them develop the skills they need to ride a dirt bike, all at a pace that’s good for them and you. Lighter, quieter, and more affordable than a new dirt bike, electric balance bikes like the STACYC are a safe and non-intimidating introduction to the sport. Before you know it, your kid will have the motor skills, balance, control, confidence, and excitement to tackle their first dirt bike. Help raise the new generation of riders right - invest in an electric balance bike today.

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