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  • CJ Designs Billet Fuel Filler Neck Kit

    CJ Designs Billet Fuel Filler Neck Kit

    B in OH

    2018 KTM 690 ENDURO

    Works excellent. Much easier to use than factory filler. Easy Install with good instructions. Quality of product is fantastic. Durability is unknown as of now, because I haven't had it long. Shipping from RMATV/MC is fast.

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  • CJ Designs Trail Rack

    CJ Designs Trail Rack

    Adam in TX

    MUCH improved platform for your luggage

    Much larger than OEM; lots of convenient slots for running straps through; pre-drilled holes for Roto-pax: Nothing to NOT like (but could always be cheaper!) Construction and finish are great; mounting holes are sliiiightly off - but it works.

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  • CJ Designs OEM Peg Extensions - Long

    CJ Designs OEM Peg Extensions - Long

    Pierre in AZ

    Failed footpeg

    I like the comfort and the idea behind them a lot. However in real world testing they just fall short. They worked great under easy conditions but the first hard ride they failed. I was chasing down a guy in the dust and didn't see a big G out until the last second. I bottomed out pretty hard and the stock foot peg cracked at the holes drilled to mount the extensions. The left has a slight crack and the right is bent down with a hole cracked at the mounting bolt and another thru the perimeter.

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