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Clean Speed

Latest Clean Speed Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Clean Speed Standard Brake Pedal Pad

    James in CA

    Good while I had it

    Looked cool- seemed to be what I needed. I liked it. Yes... all in the past tense... hit the brake pedal on a rock in baja and snapped the end off the pedal. Its somewhere amongst the boojum and saguaro.. never to be seen again.

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  • Clean Speed Extended Brake Pedal Pad

    Weston in CO

    Strong replacement

    Great replacement part. Took some hard hits on the trails and it has not broken or bent at all. Will for sure buy again.

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  • Clean Speed Stepped Brake Pedal Pad

    Earl in UT

    Surprisingly Useful

    As handy as a pocket on a shirt. The step makes it easy to modulate the brake pad in both the sitting and standing. You'll be surprised by how useful the design is. I was. It's pretty pricy for such a simple part though.

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  • Clean Speed Near Brake Pedal Pad

    Richard in NJ

    Biggest improvement in My riding Style in Years!.

    I was looking to add another item to my cart to get free shipping when I came across this. Quite frankly, I never even thought about the brake pedal being too far away. After I installed it, I realized that I was basically standing on one leg when I had to brake. I didn't realize how much it limited my ability to stand because my left leg would get tired. I am know able to stand at least 50% more of the time.

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  • Clean Speed PG Stepped Brake Pedal Pad

    Chris in VA

    Excellent addition

    Clutch piece of kit here! Two screws to install so it couldn't be easier. It takes a minute to get used to where to feel for the two levels, but once you get it, it is way nicer and safer when standing. Dialing in the pin heights now for even better fit.

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  • Clean Speed EG Brake Pedal Pad

    Larry in UT

    Great product... BUT Too big for me

    Looking at the photo, I couldn't tell how much bigger this pad was vs the stock pad. After receiving it I traded it in for the Clean Speed Near pad... same company and same great quality. If you have very small feet or really struggle finding the brake pedal, This is a very well built solution with great traction. I tried to include a photo to compare this pad to a stock pad... hope it is helpful.

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