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  • Counteract Tube With TR-6 Valve Stem


    James in NC


    Used to use external weights to balance my dual sport wheels/tires, these beads function exactly as advertised and they really help with fatigue and comfort on road. Sadly, my first Counteract tube lasted about 3 weeks before I picked up a clothespin spring on a gravel road and killed it, cant fault the tube for that. For reference, I had a spare tube handy but it wasn’t a balance tube like this. I changed the tube in about 20 minutes total. But I wanted to transfer the beads to my new tube so I cut the Counteract tube and recovered the beads in a cup. It took me about 2 hours to get all the tiny glass beads into the new tube, I have Counteract tubes on standby now incase I need them! The price is well worth saving me two hours of shaking to get the beads to go into the valve stem!

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