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  • CST Sandblast Front Tire

    CST Sandblast Front Tire

    Matthew in UT

    Great Sand Tires

    Picked up with some DWT Ultimate beadlocks for a 2019 Maverick X3. They fit great, and are really light making them great to navigate in the sand. They handled spectacular on the sand the first time I took them out, much better than the stock tires. These add about an 2 inches to overall width, and are perfect for the sand.

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  • CST Sandblast Rear Tire

    CST Sandblast Rear Tire

    Matthew in UT

    Awesome tire that tears through the sand.

    For the price you pay, these are great tires that push the X3 through the sand with ease. They grip the sand insanely well, and in some areas they pushed so much sand that I had to go in 4 wheel drive as they dug down and couldn't get out in 2 wheel drive.

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  • CST Surge C7220 Paddle Tire

    CST Surge C7220 Paddle Tire

    Glen in AZ

    CST Surge C7220 Paddle Tire

    Bought to complete a set of sand dune wheels for my sons bike. So good so far.

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  • CST Ambush Tire

    CST Ambush Tire

    Robert in FL

    Great race tire for a great price. Plus I think the design is pretty cool.

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  • CST Abuzz Tire

    CST Abuzz Tire

    brian in AZ

    Good on and off road. Pleased I followed their recommendation .

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