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Cyclops Adventure Sports

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  • Cyclops Adventure Sports 10.0 H4 LED Headlight Bulb

    Eitani in NY

    Worth every penny

    I installed this cyclops LED bulb on my RE Himalayan, whose stock headlight absolutely sucked. Before the upgrade I couldn't see a pothole 15 feet in front of me while riding at night. The difference of brightness and the distance this LED bulb throws is incredible, especially considering that it drops right into a halogen housing. It did take a little bit of clever play to get it to fit into my Himalayan's headlight housing but I figured it out and installed it in a total of 25 min. It was just a bit tricky because it takes up a bit more room than a halogen because of the fan and the ballast that connects to the H4 plug. I'm sure it's an easier fit with some other bikes. I could not be more impressed with Cyclops and this bulb. The picture I'm posting is showing light on a fence about 50 feet away, the picture is not doing it justice, still it's a major improvement from my stock light and cheaper than installing a complete LED housing.

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  • Cyclops Adventure Sports Long Range Optimus LED 10°/20° Combo Auxiliary Lights

    Guido in GA

    Nice lights on a dark road.

    Nice bright lights. Aiming is a little bit of an issue. You'll want the Skeen dimmer set-up. Daytime conspicuity is spectacular.

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  • Cyclops Adventure Sports LED Upgrade Replacement Headlight Bulb

    Kent in OR

    Great lighting option but all bugs not worked out.

    Great lighting with some Canbus issues when flashing the high beams, it triggers a high beam error, the error can be cleared by just turning on the high beams and then turning off.

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  • Cyclops Adventure Sports 4.8 Platinum H7 LED Headlight Bulb

    Tim in OK

    Short Life

    I installed these on my '13 Super T. Improved quality and amount of light tremendously. However, only lasted about 1-1/2 years or about 25K miles. The right bulb had issues first. I re-aimed the beam and helped some (didn't remove bulb). About 1 week later right bulb stopped working. I removed and bulb had overheated and burned out. I removed the left bulb and it had overheated too and was "smokey" looking. I replaced bulbs with a much less expensive LED (using the Cyclops Dust Covers) and drilled 3 small 1/8 inch holes in the lower part of dust cover to allow some increased cooling... maybe.

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