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  • Devol Extreme Radiator Guards

    Devol Extreme Radiator Guards

    Jacob in WA

    Durable/Perfect fit

    I would highly recommend these for anyone who does a lot of woods/trail riding. Perfect for deflecting branches from puncturing your radiators and dents from rocks. Installation was a perfect fit for my 18 YZ250, it was a little bit of a pain in the ass to get the 2 radiator mounting bolts in but if you use a 6 inch extension you can just barely fit though the guards and the radiator. 5 stars for sure.

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  • Devol Rear Disc Guard

    Devol Rear Disc Guard

    Emilio in Metropolitana

    With te impacts rotate, so break the earing seals.

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  • Devol Lowering Linkage Arm

    Devol Lowering Linkage Arm

    Dan in AZ

    Great product. Does what it says will do.

    Lowered my 2019 YZ250FX just enough. Easy install took about 10 mins. Remember to raise your forks afterwards to even out the bike.

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  • Devol Glide Plate

    Devol Glide Plate

    Joseph in OR

    Devol skid/glide plate

    I purchased a Devol skid plate for my 03 YZ250F a few months ago based on a recommendation from a friend (who also has one) he was pleased with his so i thought i would give it a try. when it showed up i looked it over and i liked how much coverage it had to protect the motor and under carriage. when i installed it i did run into a hick up, that was the rear support bracket that attaches in between the motor and frame was a little to thick for clearance so i had to do some fabrication to the aluminum support to get it to fit properly. (the leading edge needs to be machined down about an estimated 3-5 mil. down and about 5-10 mil. back to fit). overall i am pleased with the product and like the protection it offers around the water pump on the right, the front of engine and frame work as well as the outer case on the left side. I have recently picked up a 08 YZ450F that has poor (stock) protection for the front of the crank case and under carriage area and your product looks like it will offer me the coverage i am looking for. the crank case and the under carriage area should have good protection after installation. In closing i am pleased with the product i have, and i am looking forward to receiving my new skid plate for the 450. Wish i had some pics to show, ill try and get some and post. Joe, Eugene Oregon.

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  • Devol Transformer Pull Rod

    Devol Transformer Pull Rod

    Graham in BC

    Used it on two different bikes now

    Have used this product on both my bikes, a 17 YZ250FX, and was so happy with it, I installed one on the KTM 250XC as well. Adjustable, lowers it enough for my short inseam, or can adjust it back up for taller friends that want to ride etc..

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  • Devol Front Disc Guard

    Devol Front Disc Guard

    Kenneth in WA

    Devol Aluminum Front Disc cover

    Love this disc cover! Cover entire outside and edge of disc. Love it’s strength and protection of my front disc!

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