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Latest Douglas Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Douglas A5 Wheel

    David in NH

    Douglas A5s are hands down the best looking, durabl...

    Best rim for the money, no doubt. Solid, durable and look awesome!!????

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  • Douglas .125 Wheel

    Mike in CA

    Blue label wheels

    Douglas makes the best wheels no question. The blue label wheels are perfect for the sand dunes

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  • Douglas Star Fighter Beadlock Wheel

    GH in ID

    Buy the best.

    DWT wheels are the best for durability. I’ve had others and they just don’t last.

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  • Douglas .190 Wheel

    Royal John in AZ

    Douglas wheels

    These rims were purchased to replace original stock Yamaha wheels when I went to wider and taller tires. The change in tire and wheel size basically gave me a not unexpected change in gearing ratio related to the change in tire height. The wheels are great, good quality, but you can expect dings and dents if you run hard on rocky desert trails. This is a wheel that may be better suited to dunes or to maintained forest trails. Overall a quality product.

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  • Douglas Ultimate Sport Wheel

    Todd in WI

    Love these rims

    Great look and lowest weight for my CanAm X3 5x5 in the back 4x4 in the front for my sand tire set (14's)

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  • Douglas Ultimate Beadlock Wheel

    Matthew in UT

    Super light and great look.

    I bought these specifically because of the simple clean look, and that they include beadlock. The are super light, even with a tire on them. They look great on the X3, and add to the overall aesthetics. I recommend pickup up a set if you are gonna be getting different tires. Didn't notice any performance issues in the sand.

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