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Dragonfire Racing

Latest Dragonfire Racing Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Dragonfire Racing Removable UTV LED Dome Light Kit

    Rich in MI

    Light lite that works all around

    Nice light i fastened mine to a Honda clamp and I can rotate or move it wear need so its been a great all around light for me

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  • Dragonfire Racing Adjustable Seat Base

    Len in UT

    Easy to install makes short legs long again

    This Adjustable Seat base is working great, now my wife can reach the brake pedal.

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  • Dragonfire Racing Safety Harness Pass-Through Bezel

    DAVE in UT

    Bezels are great. Exactly what we needed

    The bezels are great for our harnesses. The only tricky thing is you have to keep pushing the foam out of the way to get the pieces in and snapped together. Once you get them in they look great. The other trick is to drill many holes around the template lines. This helps to cut the piece out easier.

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  • Dragonfire Racing Sport V Fixed Steering Wheel Kit

    Seth in UT

    Great steering wheel, looks good

    Good fit, firm on the spindle, responsive and just nice to look at in general. Install sucks on the POLARIS side because the factory steering wheel is usually seized to the spindle, prepare your rubber mallet it will do you well, once you get it off, I recommend some pb blaster and a wire brush to clean up the spindle and the splines before installing the dragonfire adapter, also make sure your steering wheel is straight! It's been great so far and I highly recommend it

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  • Dragonfire Racing 4-Point Safety Harness with Automotive Buckle

    Mark in NV

    A good solution to the stock seat belts

    The purchase of Dragonfire harness came from a tumble off a ridge at Dumont Dune where being upside down in my RZR during a cartwheel was both damaging to my RZR but more importantly, to me physically due to the rather insufficient OEM seatbelt system. With that said, I wanted a 4-point solution that I could function the buckle with gloves on. I liked the automotive buckle of the Dragonfire having had experience this type of buckle in a friends RZR. Now, I do have some buyers remorse in that I wished the harness has a retractable mechanism instead of being fixed so simple things like turning your to look over your shoulder or even reaching for something on the dash or glove box now requires stopping and releasing the harness. On a positive note, being secure in the seat is a comforting feeling given the bone breaking experience that led to getting rid of the stock belt system that is very inadequate and is only just enough to pass government regulations and is a false sense of security

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