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Latest Dynaplug Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Dynaplug Refill Pack

    JAMES in CA

    Bring Superglue with you.

    Used them for the 1st time recently. Had them in the backpack for a while. I had to use two because the first one failed. It was dry..... I used some superglue with the second one and it worked great. They are a must when you use the Tubliss system.

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  • Dynaplug Carbon Ultralite Tire Plug Kit

    Glen in AZ

    Dynaplug Carbon Ultralite Tire Plug Kit

    Seems like it will be easy to use; however, when I opened my pack the cap had come off and all the pieces in the kit were scattered in my bag and dirty. The cap would not stay on.

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  • Dynaplug Pro Xtreme Aluminum Tire Plug Kit

    Ben in ND

    Must-have tool

    This tool kept one of my group of riders out riding on a trip to the mountains. One of the members got a small gash on their tire and we would have had a tough time repairing it and making the most of our time riding. A few plugs from the Dynaplug and the tire was holding air again and still was many months later. I have since used the tool on other tires with the same results. This thing works very well for reasonably small punctures and gashes in tubeless tires.

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