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Latest EFX Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • EFX MotoVator Radial Tire

    Ken in WA

    So far im impressed

    These tire seem to be tougher than wood pecker lips! 120 miles on gravel roads and rough rock terrain yesterday and they still look new. The stock tires that come on the RZR were trashed in 300 miles. Rotated the fronts to the back and burned then just as fast. So brand new xp pro with 600 miles and had to buy new tires. Very impressed with how they hold the road even in the slickest of corners (hard packed road bed with loose gravel like marbles) and grip well climbing steep terrain with rocks and roots. Impressed so far but time will tell. Price is hard to swallow but if these tire last for 1200 miles it's a win.

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  • EFX Sand Slinger Rear Sand Tire

    Paul in CA

    EFX paddles

    Had these for 5 years xp 1000 4 seat. Very little wear and worked well!

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  • EFX MotoHammer Radial Tire

    beau in TN


    Nice tire but wears really quick. I should have went with a tire with grip on the sidewall

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  • EFX MotoClaw Radial Tire

    R Brian in NC

    Tires are undersized

    Don’t waste your money. I bought these in hopes that they would be comparable to the discontinued Tusk Warthogs. They are not even close. No traction on rocks, mud or snow. EFX has no customer service and will not stand behind their products. They don’t reply to complaints. I bought 30x10x14” tires. They measure 28.5” tall.

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  • EFX MotoForce Tire

    Chad in NM

    Great value and look.

    Great value and customer service. Tires look great and perform great. Looking forward to put more miles on them in tough terrain here in the desert Southwest to put them to the test.

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  • EFX Sand Slinger Front Sand Tire

    Caleb in UT

    great tire happy with purchase

    not fully smooth like i was expecting based on the website (smooth) claim but they have a step up pattern near the outer sidwall for a little help in the turns. seem to perform very well this week end at little sahara sand mountian

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