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  • EFX MotoVator Radial Tire


    EFX Motivator Tires

    Found the Motivator tire to be a very good choise. Have found this tire has performed well on trail systems in the types of terrain we visit, from the rocky mountainous areas around us to somewhat sandy, woodsey perimeter areas.

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  • EFX MotoRavage Radial Tire

    Charles in PA

    Tread wore down really fast

    Great customer service from rocky mountain ? The tires look great. But I've ridden like 3 times only maybe 15 hours max on them on mostly soft dirt (some rocky trails) the rears already wore down I just rotated them today but its worn so much I can't even rotate in my spare to keep wear even on all 5 tires. I'm not a veteran rider so maybe this is normal for utv tires but they really wore down fast.

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  • EFX MotoClaw Radial Tire

    James in TX

    Great Choice

    I have had these tires for a little over a year and they still look brand new. We do a lot of mountain trail riding with rock, mud, and cactus and have never had an issue. I see no reason to buy any other design for my type of riding.

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  • EFX MotoHammer Radial Tire

    Nick in ID

    Summer tire.

    Good durable summer tire. Great for all dry conditions. Not good to run low psi.

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  • EFX Sand Slinger Rear Sand Tire

    Mike in MN

    Sand and sun

    Great value for the money. I bought these worried about being cheap but they turned out to be a great value. I recommend .

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  • EFX Sand Slinger Front Sand Tire

    Cody in TX

    Excellent tire!

    It’s a great tire for SXSs excellent flotation in the sand with great steering and front end handling. They do work in 4wd and still have enough bite to get you out of a bad situation, they don’t tend to grab Ruts like some ribbed front tires.

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