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  • EK 520ZVX3 X-Ring Chain Master Link

    Daniel in CO

    Gotta have that rivet link

    Installed this link on a 520 Primary Drive chain and its working great, couldnt find a rivet link for the specific chain I bought but its not been an issue.

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  • EK 520MXR 3D Chain

    JAKE in AL

    EK 3D chain motocross

    Hands down the best NON- O ring chain in the market!!! 8650 Tensile one of the strongest chains out there, used for over 10 hours so far with no stretching on a 2005 YZ125. over the years I have bought DiD like everyone else but this chain is by far better than the ERT2 and 3.

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  • EK 530ZVX3 X-Ring Chain

    brianw in IN

    One of the best chains on the planet.

    I chose this chain for a 530 upgrade on my V-Strom DL1000 because it was just one step down from EK's ultimate chain and a significantly better value. I ride a lot of miles, and last time I used a slightly lesser 530 chain on my V-Strom, it went 32,000+ miles, and could have gone a lot further. I've always had excellent results and incredibly long life from EK chains. This doesn't matter to me, but it might matter to some, so I'll mention it -- I got the gold chain color because it helps encourage me to keep it a little cleaner. The gold tone on this chain is slightly reddish, sort of a coppery or rose gold rather than a 24 karat "classic" gold look. It still looks fantastic and holds up great, but I've seen some folks complain about this for some reason.

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  • EK 520ZVX3 X-Ring Chain

    John in CA

    It’s a strong chain

    It’s a strong chain and that’s why I bought it. Could’ve picked another color though ha ha Ha.

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