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  • Evans Powersports Waterless Coolant

    John in CA


    Been using it since 2003. Never let me down. Never had a boil over. Never had a blown motor. Used it on most my bikes including an XR650R, WR450F, WR250F, Husqvarna 350, kids two strokes, etc. Rode on dunes, tight summer enduros, hillclimbs, etc. The best part is when I have had a crash and the radiator gets a small hole, I only lose about a couple of spoonfuls because there is no pressure in the system. Plus, when even a drop hits the exhaust, it has a sweet smell like ice cream that lets me know I have a leak somewhere. AAA+ Caveats: ensure jetting is adequate first, if riding in sand on a hot day and the bike pings you may want to let it cool for motor longevity, ensure water is flushed out of system and thereafter it can still take a few dozen rides for residual vapor to exit the system (if your bike is very hot, but the radiator hoses are squeezable similar to a bicycle tire with little air pressure, then you know the water vapor is mostly out of the system), tell your mechanic and the guys that buy your bikes so they do not put water in the radiator.

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  • Evans Prep Fluid

    Joey in NE

    Keep our 2015 ktm 50sx mini from boiling over.

    Great product, does what it says.

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