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  • EVS F1 Roost Deflector

    EVS F1 Roost Deflector

    christian in DE

    I wanted something that could go under the jersey with out being bulky but could protect me as well, if youre behind some one and you guys are ripping around the track or the woods, rocks flying up and hitting your chest does not feel good if you dont have a reflector, so this thing does its job, also it had good back coverage, and has hard plastic, so i think in the event of a crash it would help and do way more than not having one at all, also I ride 2-3 times a week and ive had it for about 4 months now and it holds up.

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  • EVS Option Knee/Shin Guards

    EVS Option Knee/Shin Guards

    Chad in WV

    Great value and protection!

    Super comfortable and great protection! EVS makes some really awesome gear. I also bought the EVS neck brace and I couldn’t be happier. I really feel like I ride better from feeling more safe. Shipping and customer service is top notch!

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  • EVS RS9 Knee Brace Left

    EVS RS9 Knee Brace Left

    christian in DE

    Great Knee Brace

    I ride really hard, they have saved me a few times, I don't really get bothered by them when I go to the track and ride all day, also wearing knee braces makes me push harder simply because I feel a hundred time safer, they are very durable too, I Ride at least 2-3 times a week right when I come home from school from school whether its taking a quick rip in the woods or if I am going to the track, and they seem to hold up for me. For a Brace that isn't 700 dollars, they do great.

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  • EVS TP199 Knee/Shin Guards

    EVS TP199 Knee/Shin Guards

    Daniel in ID

    a little more money than some of the other knee pads, but worth the extra cost. they are very comfortable and don't move around.

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  • EVS Fusion Knee Brace Socks

    EVS Fusion Knee Brace Socks

    Bill in CA

    EVS plays well with Leatt CFrame

    EVS knee brace sock works well under my Leatt cframe knee brace. I can fold the top of sock over the knee brace.

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  • EVS Tug Short Sleeve Shirt

    EVS Tug Short Sleeve Shirt

    Cassidy in CO

    Fits weird in the armpit area, gets the job done tho.

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