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  • EVS Fusion Knee Brace Socks

    EVS Fusion Knee Brace Socks

    Tyson in DE

    Fit good even on bird legs like mine lol.

    These are a must have! They really help keep knee pads and braces in place and cut down on chafing. I have long and skinny legs and these fit good without sliding down at all.

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  • EVS R4 Neck Support

    EVS R4 Neck Support

    Crazy Dave in NC


    Ok neck brace it would have gotten a better review but it does not work with my chest protection

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  • EVS Revo 5 Under Jersey Roost Deflector

    EVS Revo 5 Under Jersey Roost Deflector

    Lawrence in TN

    Unobtrusive and fits well.

    Disappears under a jersey. Stays in place which is nice. I wear a water pack and it doesn’t interfere with it, either. Haven’t been roosted yet, so can’t vouch for that, but I did smack a tree through a corner and the shoulder plate saved me. Can’t vouch for durability yet, so I’ll give it a four until I know more.

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  • EVS Sweat Beanie

    EVS Sweat Beanie

    ROBERT in AL

    not so much

    elastic band is thick makes me look like a thug LOL

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  • EVS Glider Knee Pads

    EVS Glider Knee Pads

    Burke in UT

    Lite and comfortable

    Bought these to replace big and bulky knee shinguard combo. I forget there on when out on the track or riding. If your looking for knee protection with out the bulky I recommend these.

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  • EVS Revo 4 Under Jersey Roost Deflector

    EVS Revo 4 Under Jersey Roost Deflector

    Alan in VA

    My overall impression of this product is absolutely...

    I would definitely recommend this product to anybody. Especially the people that wear a neck braces. It doesn’t cause the neckbrace to rise up and push on my helmet. It is extremely comfortable and lightweight

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