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Latest Flex-Hone Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Flex-Hone Oil

    Flex-Hone Oil

    Ryan in TX

    Flex Hone Oil

    A bit pricey but absolutely worth it. My only complaint is RM ATV doesn't sell it in a larger container. We have to buy multiple cans and dump them into one large reusable, and sealed container that will fit our largest flex hone.

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  • Flex-Hone Cylinder Ball-Hone

    Flex-Hone Cylinder Ball-Hone

    Ryan in TX

    Brush Research Flex Hone

    My shop has about 15 of these hones in different sizes and materials. We have used these on our engine rebuilds for 20yrs, quality product with excellent results.

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  • Flex-Hone Cylinder Wash Brush

    Flex-Hone Cylinder Wash Brush

    Steven in NJ

    Awesome price!

    Accompanies the use of the honing tool I purchased

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  • Flex-Hone Rotor Hone

    Flex-Hone Rotor Hone

    Michael in CT

    Don't waste your time or money.

    This piece of junk didn't last for one rotor.I like to freshen up my rotor when I change brake pads.The abrasive balls disappeared before my eyes as I deglossed one rotor.I will go back to the random orbit sander.

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