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  • Flex-Hone Cylinder Ball-Hone

    Flex-Hone Cylinder Ball-Hone

    Forrest in WA

    Good tool, but i think too aggressive for plating.

    I'm rating this 5 stars because the product is great, BUT I think it's too much for plated cylinders, ive had good luck deglazing with green scotch bright and elbow grease in a bucket of soapy water. A lot of times you'll have piston material stuck to the cylinder and if you have trouble getting a good finish with the scotch bright your can try emory cloth removing material in a cross hatch type pattern. I think after that's been tried and there's still some cleaning that needs done then this tool is great but it is very agressive and i wouldn't go more than one pass down and up with it. On steel cylinders its great. Ive also been able to clean up damage from light cold seizures with it. This is just my opinion and whats worked for me over the years. I have a few of these in different sizes on hand and im usually running plated cylinders but rarely use them.

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  • Flex-Hone Rotor Hone

    Flex-Hone Rotor Hone

    Michael in CT

    Don't waste your time or money.

    This piece of junk didn't last for one rotor.I like to freshen up my rotor when I change brake pads.The abrasive balls disappeared before my eyes as I deglossed one rotor.I will go back to the random orbit sander.

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  • Flex-Hone Cylinder Wash Brush

    Flex-Hone Cylinder Wash Brush

    Peter in NM

    Good Brush

    I think it is a little over priced but it is a good brush and works well.

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  • Flex-Hone Oil

    Flex-Hone Oil

    Peter in NM

    Good oil

    Good quality oil. Will use again. Price is a little high,

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