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Fly Racing was established in 1998. Born from Western Powersports, the brand was focused on just two things: handlebars and helmets, specifically for motocross. These accessories were designed with an emphasis on affordability and durability – premium quality at a less than premium price. As the brand grew, so did its reputation, and new products like riding gear, goggles, boots, protective gear, and casual apparel were added to Fly Racing’s lineup. Today, some of the most popular and recognizable gear comes courtesy of Fly Racing.

Headquartered out of Boise, Idaho, Fly Racing uses the incredible terrain around them to put their gear to the test. On the world-class trails and their own personal MX track, Fly Racing experiments with new ideas and materials to ensure that their products are consistently up-to-date and high-performing. This quality can be trusted, too, as it’s been on display by top Supercross riders who have all counted on Fly Racing’s lightweight durability for some of the most intense racing in the world.

Fly Racing is still creating new and innovative product lines in accordance to the same standards of quality. Their unique designs, constructions, and colorways have paved their way to becoming one of the top manufacturers in the industry.

Latest Fly Racing Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Fly Racing Folding Aluminum Motorcycle Ramp

    Tyrel in NV

    Small easy to stow ramp

    If you want small simple ramp that you can fold up and stow easily, this is perfect. Works great with kids bikes, and i use it with my heavy air cooled old 250cc as well. It can just be pretty sketchy if trying to load a full size bike in a lifted truck. The ramp is not much wider then the back tire and if you get to much to one side with will try to roll out from under the bike. I use it fine in my stock height half ton though.

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  • Fly Racing 5 Pivot Knee Guards

    Mike in CA

    Fly Racing 5 pivot knee guards.

    Great knee pads. Good balance between knee brace and just knee pads. Good knee protection, side to side and front to back. A little bulky but has good feel on the bike.

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  • Fly Racing Gator Motorcycle Foot Pegs

    Steve in AZ

    Great pegs

    Great pegs. Sharp teeth. The contour makes it easier to shift and brake than a flatter contoured peg.

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  • Fly Racing Dirt Bag

    Brad in WA

    Does what it was designed to do

    It's a dirty clothes bag...what can you say about it. It does a great job of holding my dirty clothes and when I open it up, they fall out. It does everything it's supposed to do.

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  • Fly Racing Hydro Pack

    Tom in PA

    Good buy

    Good value for the money. Would have liked larger storage pockets on it, but it does the job.

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  • Fly Racing Boot Wash Stand

    Jeff in WA

    Great little add to the washing equipment.

    It's great! Used it this weekend in the dirt. Kept the boots clean and no spray back off the ground. Used again the next day at home and did exactly what I wanted. Was able to get all the way around without having to reposition them at all.

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