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In the early 1970s, California native Don Elmer was an expert wrench for local friends and racers, helping to make their bikes the fastest on the track. The secret was in the exhaust systems, and Elmer had the process and products perfected to make any bike fly. It didn’t take long for word to get out, and soon, “Uncle Donnie’s Flying Machine Factory,” or FMF, for short, was founded. Production started with handmade pipes and exhaust systems, all crafted with an intense attention to detail, incredible level of craftsmanship, and high standard of performance.

Now, with a streamlined production and several years of experience and innovation under their belt, FMF has become an industry leader in exhaust systems, pipes, and products. Their reputation for crafting durable and high-quality products from premium materials has certainly helped FMF land that standing, but it’s not the only thing.

Racer-borne and racer-run, FMF has never forgotten why they got into the business in the first place, and their brand is so much more than just exhaust products. As a huge supporter of professional motorcycling and the lifestyle that comes with, FMF sponsors several race series and manufacturers an impressive casual line to give back to the community that has given so much to them. This dedication to the sport, along with the fact that their exhaust systems and parts are made in the U.S.A., from start to finish, are just some of the unique qualities that set FMF apart from the competition.

With parts and accessories for machines of various makes, models, and years, we stock a wide selection of FMF products that is sure to fit your needs. Shop now for popular products like the Turbine Core II Silencer, Gold Series “Gnarly Torque” Pipe, Power Core II Silencer, and more, along with accessories like wash plugs, two-stroke silencer packing, and pipe springs and o-rings.

Latest FMF Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • FMF Turbine Core 2.1 Silencer


    Perfect if you need a spark arrestor

    So irritating that Husqvarna sells you a trail bike without a spark arrestor but this fixes that problem.

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  • FMF Power Bomb Header Pipe

    Brady in NE

    Impressive performance

    Installed on a 2018 KLX250 paired with the FMF power core 4. Wakes the bike up, smooth sound, and looks sharp.

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  • FMF Factory 4.1 RCT Spark Arrestor Insert

    Randy in MI

    Keeping the DNR Officer happy

    Snaps in easy and keeps the DNR Officer happy. Just be careful when you take out your wash plug, it likes to grap the screen and come out with it

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  • FMF Turbine Core II Silencer

    Mike in MI

    Trusted for a reason.

    It’s FMF so you know it’s good. I use turbine core spark arrestors when Enduro Engineering’s end cap isn’t an option.

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  • FMF Gold Series Pipe, "Gnarly Torque"

    Brian in MA

    YZ250X Gnarly

    Using this pipe currently with the Turbinecore 2 silencer on my 2020 YZ250X. The good... The pipe looks awesome compared to stock, especially with a nice carbon fiber pipe guard like the eline one I put on. No jetting changes required. After racing a full season on the stock exhaust the Gnarly differences in power were immediately noticeable. It takes a few rides to get used too and to fully appreciate, but what it did to my bike was to quicken how fast the bike revs from bottom to mid and also give it just enough grunt to keep it alive in low rpms. The tall 4th gear of the X becomes more useable in the woods whereas with the stock pipe it was only ever used for wide open or really fast stretches of track or trail. At first it felt like the bike was in a lower gear than it actually was. The top end remains like stock and when you rev the piss out of the bike on a fast stretch or up a hill it feels the same. The big difference is the mids. The stock pipe had a long smooth transition from bottom to top and the Gnarly winds up quicker to mid, then when you get on it it opens up into the top. For me it feels better with every ride as I get used to it. I like it for my style of riding which is pretty much lugging a gear high until a hill or a fast stretch where I like to let it breath. The only bad was that fitment was not perfect. I don’t like that the mounts are not threaded like the stock pipe and mine only came with one threaded insert so I had to use a nut on one mount. The front mount didn’t line up so I had to stretch the rubber grommet mount to make it fit. Not a big big deal but could be better.

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  • FMF Power Core 4 Hex Replacement Spark Arrestor Screen

    Derek in CA

    Must-Have for Natl. Forest Riding

    Drop in assembly was my hope. I had to 'make it work' by fitting old collar onto new screen arrestor. It was more a pain in the rear end then an actual issue. After fitting correct collar onto arrestor, installed on silencer. Must say, bike definitely runs louder, cleaner & 'beefier' than before. Love it.

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