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  • Givi Engine Guards

    Givi Engine Guards

    Bradley in CA

    Great bars, good price!

    The bars went on fairly quickly. One suggestion I’d make to Givi is to engineer a notch between the mounting bracket and the bar so the angle of the bracket to bar connection is held constant. This is important because the bracket bolt that holds the two pieces together cannot be accessed one the bars are bolted in place. This means it’s constant trial and error to get the angle right, then tighten that bolt, then bolt the bars in place. The bars are nice and sturdy and have been tested in a slow speed tip over. Cheaper than buying new body panels.

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  • Givi Specific Rear Rack

    Givi Specific Rear Rack

    marty in FL


    fits very well it would be even better if it had some eyeholes or brackets on the side to attach bungee cord hooks. the hooks will slide up the outside rail with nothing to stop them.

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  • Givi Gravel-T 706 Tank Bag

    Givi Gravel-T 706 Tank Bag

    B in OH


    As stated above, this tank bag is waterproof. Very easy to install. Holds quite a bit of gear being 6 liters. The only complaint, the waterproofing lid is a pain to open. It sets tight against the zipper, therefor making it difficult to open.

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  • Givi Monorack Side Case Holders

    Givi Monorack Side Case Holders

    DEREK in IN

    Easy install on VStrom

    The design has changed slightly in that the side racks are square shaped and not triangulated as shown in the picture. Bolt up was very quick and easy. Required very little muscle to align all the holes as I have run into with other rack installations in the past. Hard to beat Givi's fit and finish. Going to put other aluminum panniers on these, but hate the look of the square metal tubing of the other rack systems. The cross over piece fits nice and tight inside the rear fender. Very sturdy system but still looks good.

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  • Givi ST603 TankLock Tank Bag

    Givi ST603 TankLock Tank Bag

    Diego F in OR

    Tank bag

    -m-2017 Yamaha Fj09 really amazing product, I love the givi lock system

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  • Givi Side Stand Foot

    Givi Side Stand Foot

    John in SD

    Worked great in the mud today

    Easy install, tested in mid today, bike remained upright!

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