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  • Hardline Hour/Tach Meter

    Hardline Hour/Tach Meter

    Kevin in ON

    hardline hour meter

    you get what you pay for, this is a great meter. and it does just that. You can get better ones, or some that do a little more but you will pay a lot more. This will keep track of the hours on the bike, I bought several of these over the years and never had a problem. They are easy to install. they last years. and take the hours like its suppose to. I would def recommend this to anyone with any dirt/ATV etc. This will help you keep track of the machine you are using. I mostly buy these for my kids bike and my wifes. I will buy a higher end one for myself because I ride much more. Depends on what you need it for. You want an hour meter, get this one. works great.

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  • Hardline Fender Bench

    Hardline Fender Bench

    Craig in AB

    Great product and recommend to everybody

    Very nice fender workbench. I haven’t dropped bolts and tools off the seat and had to crawl around on the floor since the purchase

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  • Hardline Hour Meter

    Hardline Hour Meter

    David in MI

    Great hour meter

    Haven't had any issues with this hour meter and it's currently still counting with more than 100 hours on the bike. Good product at a good price.

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  • Hardline Wireless Hour Meter

    Hardline Wireless Hour Meter

    Russ in MO

    Doesn't keep accurate time

    It would be a great product if it works. I have it installed where it's supposed to be on the frame. Problem is, I ride trails and am not always reving the crap out of the motor. So a two hour trail ride usually reads 1 to 1.5 hours. If the RPM's are down it will not keep accurate time. Other than that, it's great.

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