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Highline Recreation

Latest Highline Recreation Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Highline Recreation Tugger Lift Strap, Rear

    will in CA

    A must have!!

    A must have for trail riding. I use it a ton on hillclimbs if I dont make it. Fits perfectly on yz250

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  • Highline Recreation Tugger Lift Strap, Front

    andrew in CO

    the price and fit are great

    Really nice strong strap best strap for the money out there!!!

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  • Highline Recreation Extreme Enduro Tugger Lift Strap, Front

    Terry in WA

    Tugger lift strap

    I highly recommend this product if you?re a trail or off track rider. This has come in handy so many times on both my bike and my buddies bike. I more grabbing the front tire to help over difficult obstacles.

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  • Highline Recreation Tow Line

    Trenton in UT

    This thing completely saved us

    This tow strap is perfect. It packs down extremely small, weighs almost nothing, and is unbelievably strong for its size. Story time: We had a bike (Cannondale X440) break down in a sand wash about 25 miles away from any road accessible by truck. After concluding we weren't going to get the bike started again, we accepted or fate: we were going to have to tow the it out. Towing a bike with a bike sucks, but we didn't have a choice. Over the next 6 hours, we towed it through miles of deep sand, up rocky trails, and through dozens of big puddles of water. The tow strap worked perfectly, even when I was just certain it was going to snap going up a sand dune. You never want to have to use a tow strap, but when you do, it's absolutely critical that it works. One thing I like about this specific strap is that it's longer than others I've used, which allows a bit more distance between the jerk with the unreliable bike and the hero on the KTM pulling him to safety. This strap is awesome, and I'd recommend it to anyone. Especially if you have a friend who rides a Cannondale.

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  • Highline Recreation Tugger Mini Lift Strap, Rear

    Travis in WY

    Great Strap!!!

    I have had this on my son's KTM 50 for over a year now and it works great. The strap makes it much easier to grab onto when moving the bike, as well as lining him up in the gate. I would recommend this strap to anyone with a little dude.

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