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  • Honda Bimini Top

    Honda Bimini Top

    Carlos in AZ

    Great Cover

    Works well in keeping the elements out. Makes a big difference in the the Arizona sun. Installs and removes in minutes.

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  • Honda Underseat Storage Box

    Honda Underseat Storage Box

    Carlos in AZ

    Great Storage

    I use it to store my tire repair kit and recovery straps.

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  • Honda Rearview Mirror

    Honda Rearview Mirror

    Donald in AZ

    Honda rear view mirror

    I bought this before I purchased the Tusk glass windshield and the Tusk aluminum roof. I was told by Rocky Mountain ATV that it "should" work, but it didn't. The mirror would be a great choice if used with a Honda windshield and a Honda Roof.

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  • Honda Fabric Mid Panel

    Honda Fabric Mid Panel

    Donald in AZ

    Honda Pioneer 1000-5

    I installed the mid panel on my 1000-5 in conjunction with the Tusk full glass windshield, and the Tusk full aluminum roof. It integrated well with the roof. It helps keep the dust and cold air out of the cab.

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  • Honda Front Bumper Brush Guard

    Honda Front Bumper Brush Guard

    Burdette in IL

    should be the stock bumper

    Calling what Honda puts on a stock Pioneer a bumper is a stretch. They should just put these on from factory. Install wasn’t too bad, just getting all bolt holes aligned was kind of a pain. Fits well, looks good, actually a functional bumper.

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  • Honda Rear Bumper

    Honda Rear Bumper

    Katy in ID

    Great value, looks nice and should do the job. Inst...

    The installation was difficult. The installation instructions were available online, however they were incomplete. The instructions refer installers to the service manual (which was not available online). The rear doors, as well as the interior bed side panels must be removed, to remove the tail gate pins. From that point the instructions were adequate, although a crow bar was necessary to position the bracket that attaches to the frame with bolts.

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